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    HIdden Topic Creation

      Is it possible to create a "hidden topic" in robohelp? What I mean is can a topic be created that does not appear in the table of contents but that can still be linked to? We are developing a help system for a proprietary application that we use in my company. We would like to include screen shots and field descriptions in the help system. Many different tasks can be completed in each of the screens in the application so we would need to create redundant screen shots in each help topic.... OR we could link to a screen shot housed in a separate topic so users can navigate to the screen shot from a given topic. This would allow us to only have to update a single topic containing the screen shot if there are any changes to the application. The catch is that we do not want users to be able to navigate to the topic containing the screen shot from the table of contents... only via a link. Is there a way to hide this topic in the table of contents?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          There is a way but it's tricky. You have to remember not to add it to the table of contents! :-)

          When you create an output, all topics are generated except any with conditional tags applied and excluded by the build expression.

          The TOC only contains those topics you choose to add there. You don't have to include all topics.

          Any topic not in the TOC can still be accessed via a search but in your case the topics will only contain screenshots. If you do include text though, be aware of that.

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            Davilam Level 1
            wow! how simple is that.. just don't include it in the TOC. Can you tell that im new to this? :)
            Thank you for the response
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Don't beat yourself up. More than a few people have made the mistake of thinking a topic has to be in the TOC.

              In another thread, I have been dealing with someone who wishes that were true!