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    No audio keyframes after export


      Hi guys,

      First of all, I'm kinda new to AE, this is my first project and also my first forum post so... Please go easy on me.

      Now, I have this audio layer that I want to add as a soundtrack to the intro video I made. The audio is a bit longer than the intro so I added 2 keyframes at the end of the audio to act as a fade out (I decreased the audio levels from +0.00 dB to -19.00 dB).

      The problem is when I export the project, I don't hear this faiding out. Is like AE doesn't "reads" the 2 audio keyframes. (When I hit play inside the project, with RAM preview, I can hear the fading out, but not when exporting). I have to mention I export the project as .FLV, as .AVI exports much bigger files.

      I don't know if this makes any sense for you guys, but it is what it is.

      I attached a screenshot so you can see the keyframes I'm talking about.

      Thank you!