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    Import function doesn't work at all


      After installation of all programs from master collection I opened AE and without any configuration started new project and tried to import some files (png, jpg, gif, avi, mp4). Right after AE starts to import it gives me this message:




      Whatever I try to import message is always the same. With importing more than one file to.


      What I did so far?

      - looked in faq, nothing found there

      - looked on this forum and google and haven't found anyone, who might have same problem

      - reinstalled AE several times

      - reinstalled windows, drivers and all that I could


      I have to note, that I'v been working with ae since ae6, and it is the first time I have this kind of problem.


      I use After Effects cs6 (came width master collection cs6), version

      settings are default


      Windows 7 Ultimate on laptop: Lenovo y580

      procesor: Intel Core i7 3630 QM 2.40 GHz, 4 cores, 8 logical processors

      8 gb ram

      Nivida GeForce GTX 660M


      do you need anything else to know?