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    Script to install and configure startup items

    4everJang Level 3

      Hi fellow scripters,


      I have been creating scripts for various customers which required installation in the startup directory of FrameMaker. Although it is easy enough to do this in Windows Explorer, it was becoming a hassle and I decided to make things more Jang-friendly. I am constantly switching between various scripts as I am working on projects for various customers. Quickly and easily switching startup items on and off became a real desire.


      I have now created a script to ease the installation and configuration of startup items (scripts in the startup directory of FrameMaker). The script works for all FrameMaker versions that include ExtendScript. It shows a list of available items with a set of radiobuttons to decide what to do with each item. You can add another item (bringing up a dialog to open the file) and move the existing items into an "inactive" subdirectory (making them disappear without being deleted) or delete them.




      As of FrameMaker 11, startup items can also be placed in the user's AppData space. The script checks the FM version and includes the AppData space when applicable. This gives you the option to move startup items between the startup directory in the FM home dir and the AppData space. When running the script outside of the FM environment (i.e. the script is not installed in either startup directory itself), it simply shows the dialog. When it is installed in a startup directory, it will create a command in the Utilities menus (main and book menu bars) so that it is always available there.




      If you are interested in using this script, drop me an email (jang at jang dot nl) and I will send you the file.