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    Add on does not install


      When I try to install an add on (in this case Tych Panel) I get a message that I am not a system operator. As it is my PC and I am a system operator I press ok and the process continue. However, when it stops there is no sign of it in the Extension manager box. Can someone please tell me how I get this problem solved, as I cannot install any add on.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Please provide more details:

          1. Extension Manager version (CS6.0.7 or CC 7.0.1?)

          2. OS (Windows 7 or 8? 32 bit or 64 bit?)

          3. Exact error message and when did you see this message (just after selecting this extension?  after accepting EULA? ...) Could you upload a screenshot about "get a message that I am not a system operator"?