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    Convert to symbol cause desynchronization in animation

    Xoco Level 3

      I follow with a little box animation history, but when I convert crane elements in one symbol, then now is not synchronized with the box movement when the crane lifts the box and takes her to the left after raising. It is a small but noticeable lag, in previous version when symbol crane not was create (all elements were grouped into stage) the synchro was perfect: dissenys.cat/practice/caixa.html


      Edge project just before convert crane elements to symbol: app.box.com/s/m5ful0jb0ydiovktw0gc (263.9 KB)


      I have reviewed timing and accelerations (easings) and are the same as before. What can happen?


      Note: if I convert crane+box to symbol, then the eyes are out of sync, and if I convert crane+box+eyes then works fine. But I don't understand why if I convert only the crane elements to symbol, the box and eyes are out of sync respect crane symbol.


      Thank you.