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    I need some advices for FLASH code optimisation...

      Hi All,

      Lat me explain what im doing right now for a better picture - My project was previously done in Director >> Im reengineering it in flash. Im using a lot of scenes for different pages. Every pages have buttons and hell lot of audio and MC's. I have my own script on every scene, frame1. Is this right? most of the codes are redundant. I cannot access variables and functions from a different Scene right? (please correct me if im wrong).

      And till today I have a huge pile of code. Is there any concept of Header files like in MFC. If i make an .as file, can i embed it inside the .fla and use the variables which are there? Because I dont need an extra .as file along with the swf(REQUIREMENTS!!).

      Please give me an insight on this kind of optimization, i.e using a concept of header files, #define and stuff.

      Another thing is that - there is a MFC program which loads my SWF file and plays it. The swf loads an image from the harddisk using the image loader component. Is there any way i can flush the image data from the RAM or CACHE after the work is over? Or can this be handled by MFC?

      Can MFC unload the flash after its loaded? We are unable to find a unload option in MFC side for flash OCX controls.

      It would be great if someone could help me with this.

      Roshan Kolar