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    Create fold marks in PS CC


      I have a 3 fold brochure with offset fold marks to accommodate bleeds and trim fold. How do I create fold marks on the file? Thanks!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You want just lines (presumably outside the image) that show people where to fold?


          I don't think there's some kind of "publishing marks" feature that will give you fold marks...  There are cropping and registration marks available in the Photoshop Print Settings dialog, but I don't recall fold marks.


          So you could just go with a simple approach...  Expand the canvas (Image - Canvas Size) with a white background, and draw some marks where you want it folded.  You could set some guides (View - New Guide) to the precise positions you want first (e.g., 33.3%, 66.7%), then snap the lines you draw to the guides.





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            Kdesigns Level 1

            Thanks Nick, that is what I thought and was hoping for a script or something for a starting point.