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    Premiere Pro not giving option to choose MOTU HD Express as playback option to 2nd monitor.

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      Recently had some hardware replaced on my PC at work. I was also upgraded to CS6. Since then I have been unable to use the MOTU HD Express as I has before the hardware and software replacements. Before, I was using the HD Express mainly to view my Program monitor not only in Premiere Pro, but also on a second monitor so I could get a better idea of what the finished product would look like.


      I have contacted MOTU and they just had me reinstall the driver software, which wasn't really necessary because my PC was still picking up the devoce just fine after the repairs. From there, no one I was helped by had any expereince or knowledge of Premiere Pro, so they suggested going to Adobe.
      When I started this job I was unable to use the MOTU device due to my lack of knowledge about it. I called MOTU and was lucky enough to get someone who knew about Premiere Pro, at the time it was CS5.5.
      Within the Project Settings, the Video Rendereing And Playback option is locked in as Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

      Within Sequence Settings, Editing Mode is locked on ARRI Cinema and the Playback Settings... tab is also locked.

      When I create a new sequence to attempt to start from scratch, the options are still locked. Originally, with MOTU, I remember them having me choose a MOTU option through the Sequence Presets, but I can't seem to find it or it isn't there at all. I believe at the time there was a dedicated folder for MOTU, which had your usual options for frame size and rate, etc.

      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Beginning with CS6, Adobe changed how Premiere interfaces with third-party hardware such as MOTU, Matrox, AJA, etc. - you no longer have to choose a MOTU sequence preset. Just choose any Adobe sequence setting appropriate to your footage, and it should output through your hardware.


          You do of course need the correct MOTU driver installed for CS6, and then make sure things are set up correctly in Preferences > Playback. Playback device should be MOTU and go into settings and see if anything there needs adjustment as well.


          Is CS6 updated to 6.03?


          As for options being grayed out, has CS6 been activated? Make sure it's not in a trial mode. Have you tried starting a New Project from scratch?




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