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    Excluding project topics when publishing to CHM

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      Using RH 9.

      I read the post "unwanted topics in search results" and am still confused.


      Even though a project topic is not in ToC or referenced by ToC, it still shows up in index and search results in CHM file.


      Do i have to specifically create a "conditional build expression" that will identify and exclude these topics?


      If so, why is that? it seems like it defeats the point of creating a ToC.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Not everyone wants all the topics in the TOC. I once had a project of around 12,000 topics where many were just for one field. I only wanted the screen level topics in the TOC. Can you imagine a TOC with 12,000 topics.


          I also needed all the topics to be searchable. I have seen other authoring tools that do force you to put every topic in the TOC. No thank you.


          You seem to have topics that you don't want in the output so yes you do have to exclude them with a build tag. In the Topic List you can multi-select topics and apply a tag.


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