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    Divide graphic with multiple images into single images.


      Hi. been using Fireworks since the Macromedia days and have a question. I have a single image file that has multiple images in the image. I cant seem to figure out (even if possible) to "cut this image" into 4 separate images and export them in a batch type process. I have attached a very simple image that i created to give a visual example of what I am trying to do. This is a sample image. The real image I am trying to perform this action on is for a project at work and has hundreds of images on it. the point being I am trying to dodge slicing them individually. After using FW all these years I have not had a reason to perform this action so was hoping this might be possible without all the manual slicing and exporting. Similar to selecting multiple images and inserting rectangular slice either individual or multiple. as you know this only works when images are already separated. I have selected the white background and deleted it but cant find if there is a way to do this to save some time.