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    cs4.. nook export for epub skipping pages.


      I have a book .indb file. Has 335 chapters in it. But each page is small. If I try to export a file for digital editions it skipps pages at after a certain page.  I checked out which page was the last processed. Then checked the other pages out all around it. There is nothing wrong with these pages.  So I made two smaller book files of the .indb type.

      Thinking I would narrow down the problem page.

      Part1: export created an .epub file... no pages skipped!

      Part2: export said it skipped the last three pages. Still gave me visible pages up to the last three pages. Just what I thought if the error stated ...it skipped 3 pages.

      So I thought it could be memory.  I only have 1gig of ram right now.

      I decided to see if I reduced the number of chapters or pages in Part2  and included the last three that were skipped maybe they would process.

      So somewhere way above the last 3 ... I deleted 5 chapters .. they were up toward the beginning of the file.  Nowhere near the last three.

      The entire part2 of the book file excluding the 5 I delete still including the last three pages processed.  There was nothing wrong with the skipped pages. So my question is. .. could it be because I only have 1gig of ram?


      When a book file exports to digital editions, all chapters are being held in memory right... so maybe it couldn't process the last three. Any thoughts?