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    Popup Windows in RH 10

      We are using RH 10 on Windows 7. We have a main merged project created in RH9, with two of the sub-projects containing popups. Generating the Help in RH10, these two sub-projects act completely differently, yet they are created the same. One with popups displays the popups fine no matter what version of IE you use to view it. The other one reacts as follows:
      • Windows 7/IE10 – The popups open at the bottom of the window instead of beside the link.
      • Windows 7/IE9 or Windows 7/IE8 – The popups are making the space at the bottom of the window, but the text does not display.
      • Windows 8/IE10 – popups do not work at all.


      We have compared the two projects and the popups were set up identically. We are at a loss as to why one works while the other doesn't. One other thing we noticed is that if we generate the sub-topic by itself, then open the individual .html page containing the popups, they open, but are still at the bottom of the window instead of beside the link.
      Thoughts, suggestions, ideas????