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    Does Premiere Pro CC export omf from multicam sequences?


      I've got an hour long multicam sequence already cut and ready for OMFs to be exported when I realized that CS6 does not export the "inside" of the multicam audio clip (which is basically a nested clip). I've already edited the sequence to picture lock so there are many, many, many cuts (not just video, but also audio) so it's not as simple as unnest an audio clip - I would have to unnest ALL the multicam audio clip per cut (and there are a lot of cuts). Is there any way possible to work around this debacle? Does the new Premiere Pro CC fix this problem? From what I've researched, there isn't any proof in writing or from anyone's experience. For the future, I now know I have to unnest the audio before I go do any multclipping session, but for now - I need the quickest workaround and my fear is that I may have to just go to every audio clip and unnest...


      I've tried doing the Audition workaround, but that simply creates an OMF of the nest itself and not what is inside the nest which holds audio for two separate people. Using the Audition workaround basically merges the first person's audio resulting in the second person to be completely gone.


      Any thoughts?