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    Is it still possible to buy an upgrade to CS6

    mpc999 Level 2

      I need to upgrade a client from CS5 Design Premium to CS6 Design Premium in order to collaborate with a new office that uses InDesign CS6. I remember when CC was announced that there was a flurry of questions and the bottom line was that it was possible, but it was hidden in a very convoluted manner on the Adobe website. I have searched both this and the CC user forum and cannot find it. And I go in circles on the current Adobe website.


      I realize that one can obtain CS6 by subscribing to CC, and you can buy the full version of CS6 (not an upgrade) for $1700 or so. However, to upgrade, is going through CC the only way left?


      Neither office has any interest in CC at the moment. We would prefer to just pay the upgrade price to CS6 and not have to deal with CC.