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    Workflow considerations from the point of view of color management

    TurgayOrhan Level 1

      I would like to adapt PS to my workflow completely for every photograph that I want to print. So, I'm thinking not to use develop module in LR. I create smart objects in PS and I do all my develop job via ACR. My question is ... is there any difference between these two conversions from the point of view of printing quality.


      1. Linear ProPhoto (LR work space profile) > Printer Profile (if I print directly from LR, all adjustments are done in LR)

      2. ProPhoto RGB (1,8 gamma embedded, profile of TIFF files PS generates) > Printer Profile (if I print in LR or in PS, all adjustments are done in ACR and PS, no additional adjustments in LR after saving TIFF file)


      I think that there is no visible difference between these two options, but I would like to learn the thoughts of a color pro, especially for the color and tone quality of the printed image.


      Thanks a lot.