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    Security settings won't let JavaScript even open a document?

    Sturm359 Level 1

      Yes, I know this question has been covered a hundred times or more in this forum.  I'm also very sorry for adding to the list of people who don't understand it, but…  Well, I don't understand it.


      I'm very familiar with JavaScript and ExtendScript.  I've got it enabled in my copy of Acrobat X Pro and can seem to execute simple commands in the JavaScript Debugger Console, like "3 + 4".  However, when I try to do something that seems trivial, like opening a document thusly:


      var document = app.openDoc("/Volumes/g/ ArtDept/Product Templates/ ProofCover/proof_cover.pdf");


      The debugger console gives me the error that has plagued so many thousands of Acrobat scripters:


      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.
      App.openDoc:1:Console undefined:Exec


      So, can anyone please explain to me, in plain English, what this error means and, more importantly, how I can bypass it.  I do not want to run a folder-level script, since, from what I've read, those are executed upon launching Acrobat.  Great for adding menu items to Acrobt, but not for what I need.  Instead, I want this code to be called from an InDesign script to automate a simple task in Acrobat.


      Can anyone please walk me through what I need to do to get this simple 'openDoc' task performed?  Or, at least, point me to a resource that can walk me through it?