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    Ae "Dynamic" Workflow – there must be a better way

    danzg Level 1

      Somebody help me out here.


      I'm working on a sequence in Pr. I drag in some graphics from Ae. Dynamic. Awesome. I tweak stuff around, I edit the graphics, tweak some more. But these are heavy graphics in Ae, which do NOT play in real time in Pr. So I render previews in Pr to get them to play.


      Finally, I'm done. Now I want to replace the dynamically linked graphics with final rendered graphics.




      Rendering in Ae and setting as Proxy DOES NOT WORK -- though that's what seems to make the most sense to me.


      In FCP, I could at least relink the clips in the Pr timeline to the new rendered graphics ... BUT I CANNOT DO THAT IN Pr!


      The only way I see to do this is to painstakingly go through and manually replace very freaking "dynamic" clip in my timeline with the corresponding bit from the rendered final graphics!


      And I can't even auto-replace based on timecode, even if the timecodes are identical! I have to manually/visually match by frame or TC. One one project this took me a few hours.


      Or what if a client wants a "media managed" copy of the project? And they don't have Ae? How do I deliver the Ae graphics independently of Ae???


      What the heck, Adobe?!? Am I missing something?

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          First and foremost, setting rendered DI as a proxy to a dynamically linked composition within AE DOES work. But it works in the way it is intended, i.e. all the effects and compositing work etc. etc. are rendered. Nothing more. Dynamic Link is still involved in the scenario. Since PrPro communicates with dynamically linked comps via a single instance of headless AE, it still creates a bottleneck.


          Yes, you have to manually replace all your dynamically linked compositions with DIs imported into your PrPro project. However, you don't have to match frames manually: select your dynamically linked composition in the timeline than hold down Alt/Opt key, drag your DI from the Project panel and drop it over the selected dynamically linked composition in the timeline.


          By the way, check this feature request thread about After Effects style Placeholders and Proxies in PrPro. If you agree, do not hesitate to file your own copy.