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    Multiprocessing in AE CC


      Hi Guys,


      i am doing "Render-Tests" in After Effects CC  the last 1,5 hours....


      And now i am at a point where i dont understand the Multiprocessing Settings any more....


      My Machine:

      i7 3770k

      16 GB RAM

      GTX 660 Ti (Cuda)

      running OsX ML


      I tried several Settings, there are 3 Options in the "Multiprocessing Window" to take....


      Here is an example of the Settings-Window (not mine):



      Reserved RAM

      (on picture 4GB)



      CPU's reserved

      (on picture 12 CPUs)



      RAM Allocation

      (on picture 1,5GB)



      I will write my test-settings in this style (1)_(2)_(3) and came to following results:
      (tests are done with the same video settings, same length, etc.....)


      4_2_2  = 1.38 min.

      4_2_1 = 1.38 min.

      3_1_1 = 1.55 min.

      8_2_1 = 1.40 min.

      4_2_3 = 1.30 min.

      4_2_4 =  8 sec. !!!!!!!


      The crazy thing is, the best result i got with  4 GB Reserved RAM, 2 CPU's reserved, and 4GB for Background CPU... But AE says 0 actual CPU's used...

      Here is a picture of my actual FASTEST settings:



      why the hell is this working ? and why so fast !?

      can anyone explain me, what the best settings for me should be !?


      Thank you very much and i hope my text is written in an understandable english





      PS: Here is the Picture of my Test-Renders: http://up.picr.de/15496665ev.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, let's make it short: Your test has zero practical value. The scenario is way too simplistic to draw any conclusions. For all we know your results simply mean that the H.264 encoder eventually cached everything to RAM after a few runs. Sorry, but your test is really useless. Unless you can


          a) construct multiple projects that test different aspects like CPU usage vs. RAM usage vs. effects vs. file I/O

          b) monitor the processes and file operations with specific tools

          c) exclude any otehr factors


          none of this means anything and you can stop wasting time obsessing over fictional quantum computing oddities. Otherwise you can simply search this forum. Questions on when which configurations work best can be found a-plenty and there is no single perfect setting. Different projects wil lrequire different settinsg and only experience can teach you that.



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            laufgestalt Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            thanks for your answer, but i dont understand why my test has zero practical value....  Would i be more realistic if i clean my cache, everytime before i test !?


            i tested already a few times... when i set up AE with 6 CPU's used.... i takes 40 sec. before AE starts to render.... so this cant be the best settings...


            Sorry, but why are there no best settings to configure.... there should be 1 best solution, for EVERY Project....  otherwise i dont understand anything...


            AE is faster when i turn my Multiprocessing OFF, because it starts to render instantly, in all constilations with Multiprocessing ON, i tried - After Effects starts with 30 - 60 sec. delay to render.... and without Multiproc. the job were already done....


            So this is not the way i understand Multiprocessing, because it should be much faster, then render without .....


            What to do next, that i came to a final Settings result !?

            How would a test look like if u do !? give me a little example pls...


            a) i already set it up that i have 100% CPU usage and i set it up to use 12 GB of RAM which is AE using...

            b) i monitored the processes with activity manager and istats menu pro

            c) there are no other factors... because only AE is running on my computer , or what do u mean ?


            Please help, thanks!





            Sorry Adobe, but these Settings are harder to understand then everything else i have to do in the last 15 Years as a Graphic Designer.... - VRAY for C4D is easier to understand then this....


            WHY are there so many settings to take !?  - It should be clear, that nearly all machines, like to render with multiprocessing ON ...  If there is only one Option to take, if my Footage is greater then FullHD - take 4GB, if it is smaller take 2 or 3 GB ... it would be clear for everybody.... 


            And all other settings should be erased, because After Effects should use all of the CPU Power in my Computer, and AE should use all of the RAM which i allocated in the Settings... why are there so many settings, NOBODY understands!!!!!!


            Look on Google, how many Threads are open, because nearly NOBODY understands that settings.....