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    AI CS 6 crashes when I try to export  an image with layers to PS CS6


      Hi guys!

      well, I'm completely newbie on Illustrator. I only have to use it to create level on pdf images to work with it in Photoshop.

      So I installed Illustrator yesterday for the first time and immediately the problems started.

      Ay the first opening I had more than one error




      Immediately following this (before the program started for its first time)




      Then I opened a pdf file in it, select > all , Object >  clipping mask > release, Layers, release to layers (Sequence).

      Till here all went OK.

      At this point All i nedd it's to export in Photoshop CS6.

      So File > export >save as *psd.




      At this point Illustrator crashes every time!




      I did all the update with Adobe Application Updater, my PC is new and a really good PC.

      It runs Win8 64 and with PS all goes like a charme.


      What have I to do? I see many posts about the plugins problem (and still no solution by Adobe).


      I ignore the problem for the plugin errors, and after some reload now I don't have that error but this one:




      Same thing when I relaunch, each time and every time.


      I need to solve this problem and it's impossible for me to call Adobe customer assistence As you can see my English is pretty bad and I can write but not speak by phone.


      Can you guys hep me please?

      Thanks in advance