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    Rh9:Unable to view PDF files from search results in Firefox


      Is this a Firefox plug-in issue, rather than a Robohelp issue?


      Background info:

      • Using Rh9
      • Firefox 23.0 (latest version)
      • Works successfully in Chrome (latest version) and Microsoft IE 8 and IE 9
      • Using Firefox, I am able to view the test PDF file from within a topic, via a hyperlink. Unable to view the test PDF when it appears within the search results.
      • Failure behavior
        • Information message appears at the top of the screen, indicating that "This PDF document might not be displayed correctly."
        • A button appears: "Open with Different Viewer"
        • In the main frame, the page is blank except for the Adobe Viewer controls: i.e., zoom, page navigation, download, print, ....

      Any ideas?


      Thank you,