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    Choppy playback, freezing, slow re-indexing every time project opens



      Premiere Pro CS5.5.2

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      Source footage AVCHD (MTS files) from a Panasonic TM300 (1920x1080).



      Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H motherboard

      Intel i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.90 GHz

      Memory 16Gb

      NVidia GeForce GTX 680 (unlocked so Premiere recognises it)


      Program on C drive (230GB - 60 GB free))

      Projects on E drive (1 TB - 530 GB free). Projects in separate sub-folders. Autosaves go to these sub-folders.

      Raw footage and project media on G drive (2 TB - 320 GB free).

      Footage files for projects are stored in separate sub-folders. The entire AVCHD folder from the camera is included.

      Sub-folders 'Media Cache' and 'Media Cache Files' are in a folder called "~ADOBE MEDIA CACHE"

      A folder called "~PROJECT MEDIA" contains sub-folders for each project. This is set as the scratch disk where the Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files are stored.


      All drives are SATA on local computer.

      As far as I know I have no third party plugins.

      I have trashed the prefs by holding Shift+Alt

      I have removed large amounts of old data from the 'Media Cache' and 'Media Cache Files'


      I see this problem appearing frequently in the forum but so far no definitive answers. 

      Opening projects takes for ever as Premiere searches for media.

      Scrubbing video is slow and erratic, the frame often freezes while the CTI goes along. Happens using arrows, or shuttle or just pressing the start arrow and letting it run, in both source and program windows.


      I also sometimes get  'Not responding' in the frame, but the CPU and memory are not fully used - not even half.

      I was having the 'Not responding' problem when closing Photoshop CS3 (part of the Production Premium suite) but it got progressively worse and eventually Photoshop wouldn't even open so I've now uninstalled it.

      Could it all be a problem with the PP CS5.5 installation?

      Does anyone know if this happens with PP CS5.1? I'm thinking of going back as I can't remember having these problems when I used that.

      If I do go back should I uninstall CS5.5 first?

      This is all very frustrating as I'm sure you realise. I really hope you can help.