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    Multi-Cam Sequence

    TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

      We are trying to switch over to Pro CC to use the muticam features.


      I did a first test (1) using 2 clips each from an AVCAM on chips. That seemed to work as expected.  Now however I am trying to use one clip from a AVCAM (1920x1080) and another clip from a DV tape (720x480) system (2). In both cases the two clips have a common audio track and the system brought the 2 clips in proper alignment.

      I cannot get this system to work like the first test.


      Unlike 1 the sequence on the Timeline from 2 shows two V  tracks rather than 1, and the Ctrl+Num that switched between tracks (angles) does not seem to have any effect. I have tried to set the tape track by "Scale to frame size" which properly did scale the size but did not help with clip selections.