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    InDesign interactive pdf viewable?

    DHR Level 1

      I'm creating InDesign interactive pdfs with embedded multi-state objects, vide, and Flash games... Needless to say I'm creating these on a Mac and they preview correctly, my question is how current do various users have to be on their Flash plugins in either Flash player or their browser? And, if they're bowser is up to date with the latest Flash plugin do they need to have Flash player at all?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Needless to say? Really?


          Personally, I think you're making a very big mistake using anything to

          do with Flash. You're completely eliminating all mobile users. Unless

          you have a very targeted audience that you can control, you're likely to

          have a good deal of negative feedback.


          That said, you need to make sure that everyone is using Adobe Reader or

          Acrobat. All other viewers? All bets are off.

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            DHR Level 1

            ...This is a newsletter, distributed by email. NOT mobile browsers, phones etc.


            Most of the interactive features in InDesign are viewable in an interactive pdf. My real question what's the difference between viewing this in acrobat reader as versus using the web plugin for the browser? Is the Flash plugin you download the same as the one that runs in the browser? So if a users browser pluing was updated with the latest version of flash would it matter if they have Flash player loaded... I'm not sure if it's all the same thing anyway as I have Flash loaded on my machine so I can't tell what the hecks going on with reader and the PC...