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    CS5 file hanging CS6 when modifying styles


      Windows 7, InDesign CS6 8.01


      I was working on a file of about 91 pages with a lot of tables in CS5 last week. We just got updated to CS6 this week, and the file seemed to be working fine. I decided I wasn't happy with the look of the tables, so I went in to the table style, changed the colour of the row fills, and as soon as I clicked on "Preview" I got the spinning blue circle. Only way out was to end program.


      Since then I have tried the following:

      * Change colour without previewing (hangs)

      * Re-import CS5 document into CS6, try again (hangs)

      * Open file in CS5 on another computer (as it was uninstalled on mine) and try the same thing (fine)

      * Export it out to IDML from CS5, and import that into CS6 (fine). Try changing style (hangs)

      * Try changing the colour of a font in a paragraph style (hangs)

      * Try changing the font of a paragraph style (fine)

      * Open the CS6 document that was casuing all the trouble on another machine with CS6 (doesn't display, then hangs)

      * Open the CS5 IDML on the other computer (fine) then try the table style change (hangs)

      * On the original computer, re-import the table styles from a previous version (fine) then attempt change (hangs)

      * Duplicate the table style, change the colour in the style (fine, but not applied to anything), then delete original style, replacing with new one (hangs)


      I'm at a loss here, as my usual solution to weirdness is to go the IDML route as I thought that re-built the file anew. Doesn't seem to want to play along though.


      Any suggestions?

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          Andrew_Ballem Level 1

          I can further narrow this down: I have isolated the problem to a 25-page section that is nearly all tables, some of which span 6 pages.


          Having deleted that section with CS5, I can now modify the table style in CS6. I couldn't delete those pages using CS6, as even trying to delete the pages caused the spinning circle.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            It's likely a problem with the text itself, or a style. I'd try exporting that story to InDesign Tagged Text and re-import it to see if it works better. Wouldn't hurt to rplace thtext frames, too.

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              Andrew_Ballem Level 1

              Thanks for your reply Peter. I hadn't thought about the tagged text route, probably because I've never had a use for tagged text!


              I gave it a go, exporting the whole of the troublesome section as tagged text. Placing it back in to a new InDesign document with automatic text flow on, I got the same crash/spinny-wheel-causing-me-to-end-task. I tried it again, but this time turned off autoflow and did it page by page, noting the point that it would crash. Next time, I cut out the table that the crash would occur on when I got to it (the crash would happen as soon as I clicked the out port), pasted it on the side, made a note of where it went and continued to place the rest of the story without a hitch. I could change the table style in this document no problem.


              I pasted the troublesome table back in, tried to change the table style and got the crash. Right, getting somewhere.


              I opened up the previous template, and put back in the section that wasn't causing the problems (everything without the dodgy table). I could change the style fine. I then made a new document, and pasted only the bad table, figuring that it would crash when I went to change the style. However, I could change the table style just fine!


              So, figuring that it was all ok now, I copied the table, pasted it in with everything else, went to modify the style and... spinny ball.


              Finally, I converted the table to text, pasted it into the main document, and converted it back to a table. So far, so good. I'll update again if I run into any more problems.


              Realistically I could have set the thing again in the time it's taken me to troubleshoot this, but I'm a little scared that this happened at all with a document that works just fine in CS5!

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                We get more reports than I'd like to see about converted files. The only advice I have is to never convert a .indd file directly. Export the original to .idml. then convert that. It's not guaranteed, but far safer than the alternative.

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                  Andrew_Ballem Level 1

                  It's certainly a problematic observation, as should we ever decide to leave the safety of our "guaranteed" CS6 for the CC, we'll be moved to a new version whether we like it or not and constantly having to convert files. I don't like that story!


                  For the next tender we do I'll be sure to create a template from scratch, rather than use the old tried 'n' true as I've been doing.