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    Real-Time 120fps web video now possible! (for 120Hz monitor users)




      With the emergence of "120fps" cameras (Galaxy S4, GoPro Hero 3, Casio EX-FC200S, and the upcoming iPhone 5S), Blur Busters did some research on a distribution medium for playing back 120fps videos in real-time.  We have discovered some good news.


      (1) Presently, 120Hz monitors are quite popular among high-end video game players.  There are more than a dozen models avaialble:


      One of the more popular models is the VG248QE, which as over 60 reviews on Amazon (4.5 out of 5 stars).


      (2) The web is now a potential 120fps video distribution medium; and some computer users use 120Hz computer monitors now.  There is now a way to speed up 120fps slow-motion to 120fps real-time, and it was recently discovered that all the popular web browsers support 120fps@120Hz (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and the new FireFox 25+ Beta) using the <VIDEO> element are now capable of playing back at 120fps in real time on a 120Hz computer monitor:



      In general, any machine capable of playing back 1080p@60fps, is easily capable of playing back 720p@120fps.  Both are pretty similiar bitrates.  Also, some websites (www.testufo.com using Chrome browser) also shows that it's now possible in some web browsers to automatically detect the refresh rate of a web visitor, so you can present 120fps videos automatically only to 120Hz visitors.


      I want to make sure that Adobe Premiere Pro is capable of converting 120fps slow-mo into 120fps real-time, as a natively-encoded 120fps H.264 video file?



      Mark Rejhon