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    InDesign radial gradients non-circular

    Georgina Pajak

      Hi there, I'm having a long-term issue with radial gradients in InDesign (I'm currently using CS6). For the last 3 versions I've not been able to create radial gradients and apply them to an object, and keep them perfectly circular – unless they're applied to a perfectly circular object.


      If I try to apply a radial gradient to a rectangle, for instance, it automatically fills the object with the gradient stretched to the shape of the object. So, it behaves more like a gradient mesh than a true radial gradient. I cannot find a setting, keyboard shortcut or menu option ANYWHERE that sounds like it might affect this functionality. The gradient tool in the tool pallet simply readjusts the scaling of the gradient, but retains the same incorrect proportions of the blend. In my gradient dialog box, I have neither "location" nor "Angle" available for me to adjust.


      It is seriously driving me INSANE. I've wasted hours on the internet trying to find something but to be honest I don't even know what terms to search for, everything I've thought of turns up the same entry-level useless grandient "tips" from Adobe.


      It IS possible to have a cicular radial gradient inside a non-circular object, but my computer seems to have found a "default setting" which uses gradient swatches incorrectly.

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Georgina – It seems that it depends on the aspect ratio of the object:

          1. If the object is in vertical format ("portrait"), the applied circular gradient is squeezed.
          2. If the object is in horizontal format ("landscape"), the applied circular gradient stays circular (but is cut at top and bottom)


          I think this behaviour is implemented by design (a.k. a feature; not a bug).

          Was it different in any other version of InDesign before?
          I don't think so. Just tested in InDesign CS3. Same behaviour than in CS5.5.


          What can we do about it?

          1. Work with nested objects.
          Construct a circle or a square, apply the radial gradient to it, cut/paste inside that object to a "portrait" rectangle.

          2. Start with a horizontal format, apply the radiant gradient, rotate the object by 90°.