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    InDesign CS6 and CC hang constantly in Windows 8 x64


      Id anyone else experiencing a similar problem? If I do anything at all in InDesign, the application will "hang". I can still move my cursor, it does not crash, I can still see what text block or other item I have selected, but I can't do anything at all with it. Oddly enough, if I press "esc" one time, I will get the frame handles, and I am then able to do whatever I wanted to do with it. If I deselect it, the select something else (or the same item again) it does the same

      thing. I get a box around the item, but can't do anything with it. I can't move it, I can't select the text, I can't select anything else. BUT ... if I hit "esc" I get the handles, and can then do what I want. This is extremely annoying. I have both CS6 and CC installed on my desktop here at home, using Creative Cloud. Both versions exhibit the same issue, regardless of file (they all do it, even a brand new document with only one word placed). At work, I have a desktop that is running Windows 7 x64, and they both work fine. The issue seems to only be happening on my desktop here at home, running Windows 8 x64.


      Any thoughts would be extremely grateful. Thanks!