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    Crop Tool Won't Constrain Aspect Ratio in LR 4.4

    erflink Level 1

      This is a sudden change of behavior in Lightroom 4.4, Mac OS 10.7.5.


      In the past, when I chose the crop tool, with the locked icon in the locked position, when I adjusted the crop, the crop was constrained to the original aspect ratio of the photo. Now, no matter what I do, the crop is kind of "partly" constrained.  That is, I start with a vertical image, then drag the crop down so that the crop rectangle has a horizontal aspect ratio, I can drag up on the horizontal crop rectangle so that the original aspect ratio is no longer preserved.  Until the aspect ratio has gone horizontal, the original aspect ratio is preserved.  It doesn't matter if the lock is locked or unlocked, or whether I hold the shift key or not.


      Here's an example:


      Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.27.58 PM.jpgat this point, the crop is still vertical, with aspect ratio constrained. It's still "as shot" and the padlock icon is locked


      Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.28.47 PM.jpgHere, the crop is now horizontal, but the aspect ratio is still constrained, "as shot" and still the icon is locked.


      Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.35.04 PM.jpgNow, things have gotten wonky.  When the right edge of the crop hits the edge of the photo, it's possible to drag it upwards.  The aspect ration is no longer constrained, and even though the padlock icon is locked the aspect is now "Custom"


      As I said, this is new behavior which I have never seen since the version of Lightroom included the crop tool (I started at Lightroom 1.0).  Like they all say "I haven't changed anything", but something  obviously has changed.  I don't believe this is correct behavior, or the behavior I've been used to for years.  Is there any way to think this is the correct behavior?


      I noticed it sometimes happens on some (most) photos, but not all, and will seemingly randomly start/stop working properly on photos that weren't/were working just minutes before.


      Does anyone have any insight into this?  It'd be nice if there was something I could do to make things work again (at least by my definition! ) It's become very frustrating.