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    I want to re-order/sort my font menu in InDesign CS4

    Brikd Level 1

      Problem - Quickly choosing from all my Script fonts in an InDesign menu.  They are scattered throughout the long menu. 



      OS 9 had Now Utilities, Tiger had YouControl Fonts.  Apple changed their security rules in newer OS's and You Control Fonts no longer works. My workflow has slowed to a crawl trying to quickly choose my favourite fonts because older InDesign version have no way to place your font menu in an order, or colour code or groups.  I have found one work around by using character styles for my favourites but old files open up without the styles.. so i upload them in, mixing up all my character styles.... it's just not pretty.   Has anyone found a plug-in that will allow grouping or re-ordering in the font menu?  Colours would also be a much welcomed feature, which only OS9's Now Utilities was clever enough to have. 


      Why oh why do somethings go backwards? 


      Perhaps there is free software to re-name fonts.  Example would be to place an SS in front of all sanserif fonts and H for headline fonts - SC for script - S for serif.

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          MW Design Level 5

          I would simply choose a decent font manager. Group the fonts into your logical manner (like you mention) and when you want a particular type style, filter the list of fonts in the font manager according to those categories.


          I run Windows, so what is available for you is an unknown to me.



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            Brikd Level 1

            Has anyone found any tricks or software to re-order the font menu in inDesign? I cannot believe this is not a bigger subject on here.  Are there any REAL advertisement designers out there working in a fast paced real world, magazine or newspaper that need quick easy access to certain fonts without going to some crappy font handling software?  This all used to work great in older Mac OS's but since Apple changed the security rules in Snow Leopard or Leopard, You Control fonts and FontCard do not work.  My new question is ...   How does InDesign order fonts in the menu? What does it use?  If i have Typetool or Fontographer and rename some fonts with a letter in front will it reorder the fonts for me? Or what part of a font name do i have to rename for InDesign to change it's place in the font menu?  Can Font Explorer rename a font to change it's order?  This has really slowed me down since Apple made a security change so YouControl Fonts and FontCard.  Scrolling through a pile of fonts is a pain, looking and comparing all the script fonts and choosing quickly.   Or is there a trick to having Font Explorer open off to the side and do it that way. UGH... major backwards move in the world of DTP.  Even CC doesn't do it right yet.  Double UGH  Barring this can the font world start coding every single font in the world so Script fonts stay together etc. Wow that would be a miracle.  Where to I start the revolution of font ordering?  I'm thinking most designers now haven't had the pleasure of re-ordering and even colour coding fonts in the font menu so don't know what they're missing.   Colour coding is a huge improvement in anyone's organizational world, no matter what field you are in.  Remember SRA in elementary school anyone?  Genius.   Now that I think of it did Steve Jobs actually miss out on this 'design' element?  I can't think of much colour coding in Apple products.  If I was only a coder I'd fix it all.   Perhaps even a font re-naming software?

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you have InDesign CC, you can create Favorites and you can view the Favorites at the top of the font list.

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                Brikd Level 1

                Thanks Steve, yes the favourites is better than nothing but is no good when you are thinking "Script" font or serif font etc.  I do realize you can type 'script' in the upper bar but the font info has to have 'script' in it and some do not.  This is far from what Now Utilities had in OS9 and YouControl or FontCard up to 10.5.  I really can't understand how designers get any work done without a customizable font menu.  This is OLD technology from the 90's.  There must be some great software wiz's out there that can make a plug-in for InDesign.  I have no clue what this would take.  Really Adobe should just make it part of the menu preferences.  Thing is you have to 'rent' CC.  I paid a lot of money for CS4 and it works great on Mavericks with an SSD.  Font Explorer has a plug-in for InDesign yet all it does is turn fonts on and off.  Too bad they couldn't have some way to fool InDesign into re-ordering and colouring the font list.  Or place a certain logo beside each font according to a users settings.  Seems like such an easy hack to a non-hacker.  Now Utilities was the best. Better than YouControl and FontCard.  Because you could not only drag the fonts to any order you like you could also colour the font name.  It seemed like everyone back then had it.  Today I think designers don't even think about how great it would be to have such software.  That was back when you could only have 120 fonts turned on, on a Mac. 

                Now Utilities was a file utility product for Mac System 7. [4][5] The first version, in 1990,[6] was named one of MacUser's "Top 100 Products for 1990"

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I know of no such plug-in for InDesign, especially since you're using a version of InDesign which is 5 versions old!


                  Your best bet is what MW Design suggested, to get a font manager and organize the fonts the way you like.

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                    Brikd Level 1

                    Yes it's strange how the past was more powerful in some ways than the present.  My software is 5 years old and Now Utilities is 25 years old.  Yet the current CC doesn't even come close to now Utilities.  I'm just dreaming I guess. Hoping some software wiz can come up with something and hopefully make a million dollars with something so simple. 


                    I have another question regarding the fonts that are sorted out on the bottom of the InDesign list.  See attached.  I realize this has something to do with the system fonts. Is there a way to make any old font into a system font?  Maybe inside Font Explorer?  By the looks of this there are six separations within the font menu.  Why? How is this controlled? Can it be user controlled somehow? I don't need these foreign fonts, what a waste of InDesign work space.  If I could gather all my script fonts into these separate spaces I'd be happy.  Or am I missing something with the Font Explorer or other font handler that can in fact make this happen inside InDesign?  Help!


                    font menu.png

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                      Brikd Level 1

                      note how in my font list graphic above that Brush Script MT has somehow ended up in the bottom of my font menu.  wow.. what a mess.  This is what happens when you've been Desk Top Publishing back when it was called Electronic Publishing.  Good old fonts you keep with you for a while because you have many advertisements made with these old fonts.  Nevermind that.. HOW did this font get into the foreign font section?   I know there is an InDesign font folder.  There must be more.... time to go hunting.

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                        Brikd Level 1

                        Yikes where is the last font on the list coming from?  DecoType Naskh is not on my computer nor does it work if i select it within InDesign.  Clear font cache? I use cocktail software all the time to clear cache. 


                        I found it in /Library/Fonts with other fonts.  Did a Font Book validate and it says it's okay to use.  Yet InDesign outlines it in pink as if it's not there.   Again my question is why is it at the bottom of my font menu with a separation line between it?  And.. how did it get on my computer in the first place.  Installing InDesign or some other software or Apple system font?  No wonder we run into font hell.



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                          Brikd Level 1

                          A little unrelated to the re-order/sort the fonts but here is a list of the minimum fonts needed to run Mavericks.  Is there a list to run CS4?


                          FONT minimum for system Mavericks.png