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    Premiere Pro identifies 25fps AVCHD 1080p video as 100fps

    SteveD333 Level 2

      I recently purchased a new Panasonic camcorder (UK PAL standard) which shoots full HD at 25fps progressive.  When I import the clips into Premiere Pro (CS6 or CC) both programs report the file properties to be 100fps, as does Windows 7.  In fact, every program I can lay my hands on reports the codec frame rate to be 100fps.


      I’m at a loss to understand why.  If I record video with the camcorder set to 25fps interlaced, Premiere Pro reports the frame rate as 50fps – which I took to mean 50 fields/sec which at least makes sense.  The 100fps has me beat though.  I should say that everything works fine, there’s no change in operation or use.


      Any ideas anyone?