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    Blackmagic mini monitor/Premiere CC Multicam




      I am using premiere CC with a multicam project. I've used premiere before on smaller projects and tried the new CC with a bigger project. Nine Cameras all ex3. loved the fact that I didnt have to transcode but now I am regretting it.


      So I am using a blackmagic mini monitor which is fine in composite mode. But when I switch to multicamera mode the monitor freaks out and loses sync/picture and if I switch back to the composite mode it finds itself again. to tell you the truth I found cs6 far more stable than CC. Why can't I get multicam playback on the black magic card? tested the same situation in Final Cut and it was fine so its not the card. Is there something I need to click/turn on or off or something to get playback?


      It also freaks out and if i double click the multicam sequence to see the sequence in the source monitor.