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    Displaying colored thumbnail as playhead reaches certain labels

    clavin007 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am doing a simple slideshow where I have 2 sets of thumbnails, one in b/w and another in color. I have hidden the colored thumbnails using the display:none and will only appear when I move the mouse over on the black and white thumbnails.


      I have written the mouseover and mouseout and everything seemed fine in what I am going to display. I have also created several labels so that when the user clicks on the thumbnails, it will jump to a specific label. However, as the slideshow animates to show the different large images, I want the associated thumbnail to become colored, what I had done is to retrieve the label position using these codes :


      var getPos = sym.getPosition();   
        if (getPos>0 & getPos<2000){


      I have inserted into the CompositionReady event but when I play the composition within the browser, the colored thumbnail does not show. What happens? Did I insert in the correct event? I have inserted a screen grab so that you can just view it. I have also zipped up so you can download and help me to dissect it.




      Dropbox link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2jtsenwzfg2xx6/3-basicInteractivity.zip