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    Quadro k600 vs. gtx 650


      Hi there AE experts


      I run Adobe CC products on a PC i7 920 @2.67GHZ, 12GB ram.

      I mainly use After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop & Ilustrator.


      I received very high recomendations about the K600, even though it's not on the official list of recomended cards by Adobe.

      I don't really have much knowledge in this field, so I'd like to ask your more proffesional opinions about this matter.


      Would you recomend the Quadro K600?

      Or do you suggest I should get the GTX 650 ti, or any other card in that same price range?


      And one final question - I currently have Nvidia GTS250.. This might be a really dumb question, but could someone please confirm that one of those two cards (K600 or GTX560) are worth the upgrade and that I will feel a serious difference in speed?


      Many thanks,


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          See this page for information about hardware for Premiere Pro and After Effects: http://adobe.ly/pRYOuk


          That page has links to resources to help you to decide on a graphics card.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            I would suggest the 650Ti card. You would have to add it to the supported list to get CC to GPU accelerate correctly though. It's suppose to in CC even if not on the supported list but it's not working right unless it was fixed.




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              RjL190365 Level 4



              I do not recommend the Quadro K600, especially since that GPU is effectively only half of a cheapo GT 640 but costs more than double that of the GT 640. For that price, get the GTX 650 Ti (or better still, a GTX 650 Ti Boost or a GTX 660).

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                AmigoPro Level 1

                Thanks very much for your answers.

                Todd I looked into the link you shared and it was helpful, but since I'm not a real hardware guy I'm limited in my understanding of what combination of hardware will work best for my needs.


                Eric and Rjl, thanks for your recommendation. It seems as if there is one common card you both recommend - the 650 Ti.


                Eric, as you mentioned I'd need to add it to the supported lists first since it's not on the recommended list - http://www.adobe.com/il_en/products/aftereffects/tech-specs.html

                Should this worry me? Because the Quadro K600 also isn't on that list but I was told that it would work. Should I try to get a card recommended on that list? (or is there a different list I missed?)


                Rjl, the thing is the Quadro K600 was recommended to me by a person I really apreciate and know has strong understanding in hardware - and especially in the needs of AE which is the software I use the most.

                This is a video he shared with me to show the performance of the K600 card http://youtu.be/kl4yNCgD3iA. I personally always had in mind that the Quadro series is a great match for After Effects. But again, I don't want to make a mistake here. I want to get the most efficient and productive card, and I don't mind spending a little bit more to get the GTX 650 Ti boost if that's a better option.


                So I guess the question is if there is a common agreement that the GTX 650 Ti boost is the card I should get?


                Many thanks for you help,


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                  cc_merchant Level 4

                  The GTX 650 is around 2.75 times faster than the Quadro K600. The GTX 650 Ti Boost almost 5 times faster. Both require a heftier PSU though.

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                    AmigoPro Level 1

                    Hey thanks for your help, seems like the GTX 650 Ti Boost should be my choice then.

                    The only thing I didn't quite understand is "Both require a heftier PSU though." Are you referring to the prossesing unit - i7 920 @2.67GHZ, 12GB Ram? You think these specs won't be good enough for those two graphics cards?

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                      cc_merchant Level 4

                      Maximum power consumption for the K600 is 41 W, the GTX 650 uses max. 64 W, the 650 Ti Boost 134 W. If your PSU is at least 650 W, there is nothing to worry about. If it is only 400 W, then you may have to get a better PSU.

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                        AmigoPro Level 1

                        That's an importnat piece of information.. So I took a picture of my PSU:

                        Where should I look? At the combined row?



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                          cc_merchant Level 4

                          It looks you are OK with this 600 W PSU, especially if you don't overclock heavily.