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    InDesign freezes when replacing image


      If you have the same error I have, this is my solution.

      When replacing a tif image in InDesign (file > replace or links panel > relink or using drag-and-drop) InDesign and Windows freezes for 10 minutes.

      I tried several pc's, 64-bit and 32-bit, saving as idml without success.

      (The first time I replace an image with the tif, it works but when I replace another image in the document with the same one from before, it freezes.)

      I couldn't even fire up Task Manager anymore, sometimes it did work (after 5 minutes of waiting) and then I saw that my physical memory was  in use for 99-100%.


      The only solution for me was saving the tif that generates the error without compression.

      Hopefully you and Adobe can use my experience to find a solution.


      Good luck.



      P.S.: Indesign CC 64-bit on Windows 7 64-bit (also tried a 32-bit pc with 32-bit InDesign CC), 4 Mb RAM.