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    please help me to get desire output for my code i'm trying for 1 week



      Any one please help me to get the desire output , i'm trying for past one week but i couldn't get it



      Above place image is output i want

      but i get output like this below

      myoutput (red rectangle place over another i moved down for your reference)



      Here is my code

      var docRef = app.activeDocument;
      var iL=docRef.pageItems.length;
      for (i=0;i<iL;i++)
                if (myItem.fillColor=="[CMYKColor]" && myItem.selected)
                  var c=myItem.fillColor.cyan;
                  var m=myItem.fillColor.magenta;
                  var y=myItem.fillColor.yellow;
                  var k=myItem.fillColor.black; 

            var rect = docRef.pathItems.rectangle(-100,-100,26,26) ;
                   var col= new CMYKColor();
                  col.cyan = c;
                  col.magenta = m;
                  col.yellow = y;
                  col.black = k;



      please anyone help me i'm trying  for plast one week but i couldn't get it

      i post many question here no response for me for this issue

      i kindly request you please

      Thank you