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    Title bug in CS5?

    pplabrisher Level 1

      Win7 Professional edition, Intel core i7-980X, 24 GB memory, Quadro FX 3800 with latest driver. Premiere from CS5 Production Suite.




      I type a bit of text, change the font size and save the new style; let's call it style1. A new style icon appears in the Title Styles window. If I now change the font size of the title and do a save new style (call it style2), another icon appears in the Styles window. However, style1 now has the font size of style2 ! Also, ALL the fonts in the Title Styles window have the font size of style2.




      This applies ONLY to the font size; the new style icons I just created are displayed appropriately scaled.




      Is this a bug in Premiere CS5?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My guess is that it's not a bug, but the way PP was designed to work.  Font size may not be part of the style, and it will only change when you change it.  That way all your titles come out the same size until you specify a different size.

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            pplabrisher Level 1

            Thanks for reply, Jim

            I guess that's one way to look at a design feature but what if one wants to have a mix of styles and sizes - for example, a title (larger size, font 1) and text (smaller size, font 2) - this isn't too good.


            In PPro CS1.5, one can create title styles with different fonts, colors, attributes, sizes etc. and have them all availaible in the Styles window. Seems to me this was a better scheme. Especially for consistence in titles spread over many projects.