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    RemoteObjects automatic as code generation

    DominicV Level 1
      In Flex Builder 3 M4 Beta 3 you can go to the Data menu and import web services; this creates the as3 code for you and all the objects and types etc. Since the announcement of BlazeDS I would now like to use Flex to BlazeDS via RemoteObjects and Messaging over AMF3 - does anyone know if there is a similar way to get Flex Builder 3 to generate all the required code when using RemoteObjects akin to the web services import?

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          Ansury Level 3
          That'd be nice as a native feature actually, IF I understand what you're asking for correctly.
          AFAIK these are the current alternatives:

          Granite Data Services (basically the same as Blaze, just older and not the official - Blaze DS wasn't released previously) has something called GAS (Generate ActionScript) which, they say, can be used to generate your ActionScript classes from Java classes. (Is this what you mean?) I only messed with it briefly...

          You could also do what I did... I found learning GAS to be more (annoying) work then I felt like doing, and I'm really just working with basic POJOs. (Or maybe I was just annoyed by it and having to play around with learning stupid "Groovy templates".) So I created my own Ant task to generate ActionScript classes from my Java POJOs. It's not that hard to do if you know Java well, although it isn't a five minute job.
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            mihai_pricope(miti) Level 1
            I very much agree that this is a very nice to have feature . Unfortunately you can't to that in Flex 3. However writing the AS3 remote classes is pretty straight forward to be done (although I acknowledge the repetitive boring work)

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              DominicV Level 1
              Thanks Ansury & Miti,
              I too would like to see a generator added - pity one doesn't exist. I'm aware that GraniteDS and WebOrb have features like this but as far as I am aware they can't be used with FB3 / BlazeDS?