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    Premiere cs5 "freezing". Why?

    Themis_37 Level 1

      I'd appreciate any help to the following: I have a wokstation running PPro CS5 (5.0.3) and in some cases I witness something quite strange. In some projects (not all, usually the AVCHD ones, again not in all of them) everything runs fine as long as I work within PPro. If I minimize the PPro application or for some reason leave it (without closing it or the project) and then return to it, PPro seems to freeze for several seconds (sometimes even close to a minute) and then allows me to continue what I did. During the "freezing" period, I can't click on anything on my PPro app and if I try to do so, all my panels turn to transparent white for a while until the application "unfreezes". Of course during all that time, my cursor turns to the characteristic circle, that keeps turning and turning until everything is normal again.


      What's weird is that the above situation never occurs if I keep working inside Premiere but happens everytime I try to do something else, even if that is go to Chrome to check my mail, or open another application. It's even weirder that it happens only to Premiere and not any other Adobe application, as well as that it usually doesn't occur on DV or HDV projects.


      For the record, this certain workstation runs Win 7 64bit, with 8Gbs of RAM, with a Quad-core processor at 3 GHz. All projects are located to different HDDs than the OS hard disk drive. Also, the scratch disk is set to a separate drive than the one hosting the video and audio material. Finally in all the above projects the Mercury Playback Engine is enabled.


      Any idea what could be the reason to this problem? It's really very frustrating to have to wait for so long every single time until the application unfreezes and lets me work again. Could it be a Windows issue, a RAM issue or is it something I could try from within PPro settings? Anyone with knowledge on this issue or a similar experience please help.


      Thanks in advance