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    Customize tool panel - GONE!

    TAMBA Agency



      In older versions of flash there was an option to customize the tool panel. In FLASH CC it is gone. [AFAIK]


      With it gone I have this problem that I can't customize:


      Pressing "L" multiple times cycles through multiple Lasso tools which causes me problems while I work as it keeps accidentally switching to the wrong Lasso tool. [Wasting a lot of time since I use the Lasso too A LOT]


      Even when rebinding the other tools to something else it still switches through the tools when pressing "L"


      I used the Customize tool panel in earlier versions to focefully seperate the different Lasso tools so that would no longer happen.


      Is there a way to have it so that even if I pressed "L" many times it would only select the Lasso tool and not the polygon lasso. [or return the option to customize the tool panel.]


      If anyone can help that would be great.



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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          I think you should submit a wish that the hard-coded default values for tools be a bit more flexible. I too see this issue. I can set lasso to anything (ctrl+alt+L, shift+L, etc) and that becomes hard wired as a multi-tool selection hotkey. However if I set ONLY Shift+L to Polygon lasso, I get nothing but that tool every time. There's something about the default tool and the key binding stepping through available context tools.


          That said, no I see no preference to disable contextual iteration. I also see the key mappings working in an unintuitive fashion that can be considered a bug.



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            TAMBA Agency Level 1

            I did that thanks.


            Even if it was just a tickbox saying "Don't cycle tools of similar types." that would also be acceptable.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              I see it as a bit myself so I'm glad it's reported. Hope they change it.


              Good luck!

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                albertos72751698 Level 1

                Same of that annoying issue. To assign "Shift+L" to Polygon lasson doesn't help. It appears when you press that combination, but also appears when you press an extra "L" on keyboard, and it's annoying when you're working at a high speed. Magic Wand has no shortkey assigned and also appears in the cycle of the three tools contained in the same square in the tool panels.



                However, I have the same solution with similar squares: i.e. Free trasform ("Q") and gradient transform ("Shift+Q") and nothing of the above occurs. Looks that`s a bug that only pops with that tool.


                Also, I wonder what is doing an useless magic wand in the tool panel. As crude as it sounds: useless.

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                  chrisgelles Level 2

                  It's a bit of a pain but, you can always edit the XML which lays out the Tools panel.

                  In your Config directory, you should have a Tools folder containing a file called "toolConfig" or "toolConfig.xml" or something like that...


                  In that XML file, specifically for the lasso, you'll see these lines:

                  <tool name = "lasso">

                    <tool name = "lassoPoly"/>

                    <tool name = "magicWand"/>


                  You can also separate out the lasso tools by moving the tool names around in the XML, being sure to put other tools in between t:

                  <tool name = "lasso"> 

                  <tool name = "lassoPoly"/>

                    <tool name = "magicWand"/>



                  And, then you can assign them each different hotkeys as you like... But, sadly, whatever key you assign to the Lasso tool will continue to cycle through the different selection tools, Magic Wand, Poly Lasso and Lasso. I just tested this out a bit. And, while you can give Poly Lasso and Magic Wand different keys, Lasso itself will just cycle.


                  If this isn't a bug, it's a really strange "feature."


                  It's not exactly intuitive. But, with a little XML tweaking, you can customize the tool panel as you wish.
                  Any time you do that, though, you'll want to run the following in a JSFL command:



                  This way, you won't have to re-initialize Flash every time you tweak your tools.

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                    albertos72751698 Level 1

                    IMPORTANT: Tuning the XML could be a funny challenge, but in case some of you are noobs (like me) in customizing the tool panels from textedit, please MAKE A BACKUP in a safe place of old "toolConfig.xml".

                    Trust me, you couldn't restart Flash anymore and need to restore original adjusts.


                    P.D.: I've tested toolConfig.xml, but nothing important happens. Moving separators, crashing Flash... and not much more. But thanks anyway.

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                      chrisgelles Level 2

                      Oh man!  Sorry to hear that.
                      I'm now considering looking into a JSFL alternative to activate the desired tool (without cycling through the others.
                      I'll post the code here if/when I get it going.

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                        chrisgelles Level 2

                        Also, there's a backup of the original config settings in the application folder.
                        Depending on your OS, it could be in different locations.

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                          chrisgelles Level 2

                          For those who just wanted the lasso when they hit a key, use the following JSFL:




                          Assign that to a hotkey. Heck, use L if you want.


                          It'll always go to the lasso.

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                            albertos72751698 Level 1

                            Thanks, pal. You are a wizard.
                            To perform the double 360º pirouette would be cool to find a JSFL way to toggle the onion skin and "edit multiple frames", that still today remain unmapped. But I'm afraid that history of another post.

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                              chrisgelles Level 2

                              I'm relatively new to Flash... Were those legacy hotkeys that no longer apply?