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    Add keyframes (and transitions) to linked mono audio tracks


      Hi everybody, I'm testing Premiere (PPro CC, switching from FCP7). Seems to fit perfectly to my needs.

      There are still some details I simply don't understand.

      When I insert a music clip to the timeline PP interprets it as two linked mono audio tracks. That is how I set my audio preferences because that's the way I got used to in good old FCP7 times

      But obviously these two tracks are not linked the way they should be. Keyframes for instance. I want to keyframe the clip in order to achieve some volume dynamic. But PP does not double the keyframe on both tracks. Even though they are linked. So I have to set keyframes on both audio tracks separateley. Same for audio transitions. When I mark the clip ending and set a transition it seems to work. But when I try to extend it, i have to do this for each clip separately.

      This is annoying and costs a lot of time.

      Can anyone help me? Is this a PP bug? Did I miss something? Do I need to work with stereo tracks? Any workarounds? Thank you, Daniel