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    Add keyframes (and transitions) to linked mono audio tracks

    Dalubo Level 1

      Hi everybody, I'm testing Premiere (PPro CC, switching from FCP7). Seems to fit perfectly to my needs.

      There are still some details I simply don't understand.

      When I insert a music clip to the timeline PP interprets it as two linked mono audio tracks. That is how I set my audio preferences because that's the way I got used to in good old FCP7 times

      But obviously these two tracks are not linked the way they should be. Keyframes for instance. I want to keyframe the clip in order to achieve some volume dynamic. But PP does not double the keyframe on both tracks. Even though they are linked. So I have to set keyframes on both audio tracks separateley. Same for audio transitions. When I mark the clip ending and set a transition it seems to work. But when I try to extend it, i have to do this for each clip separately.

      This is annoying and costs a lot of time.

      Can anyone help me? Is this a PP bug? Did I miss something? Do I need to work with stereo tracks? Any workarounds? Thank you, Daniel