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    Change Gutter Setting


      ID CS6 Windows


      I imported a 1400+ page PDF into an InDesign document and set the gutter to 4.2333 mm. I want to change the gutter setting to 0. I went to Object | Text Frame Options and reset the gutter but the document did not move. In Layout | Margins and Columns, the gutter is also set to 0 now.


      The gutter is still too big. How can I change the gutter setting?





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          How many columns do you have? I'm not clear if you understand the gutter setting refers to the space between columns, not the space at the spine which is also commonly called the gutter by many designers.

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            GuyLydig1 Level 1

            You are correct--I only have ONE column. As a Word user, to me Gutter means the space at the spine. Now I see why nothing moved when I changed the gutter setting. : )


            In Word I used mirror margins to create space at the spine (called "gutter") and in InDesign it seems that there is too much space. If I have to, I can change the margins in Word so the "gutter" is 0 and then re-save as a PDF and then reinsert in InDesgin.


            Is there a way to decrease the amount of space at the spine?


            I am new to using InDesign and I appreciate your patience!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              The normal workflow is to do the writing in word, but leave the composition niceties to ID, so in word you don't worry about margins or columns, or even the text attributes --just work comfortably, and huse styles if you know how. You then import the Word file into InDesign using File > Place... and you can set the import options to preserve your text formatting, discard it or map your Word styles to new styles in ID (styles allow you to change foramtting for categories of text globally without the need to select it). You can then set up your margins and columns in the ID file any way you like, and adjust them later if you need to.


              ID has MUCH better typografic controls than Word, and nearly everyone agrees a well-set document in INDesign looks far superior to the same text (even using the same fonts) set in Word and palced as an image (your PDF).

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                If you're so new to ID that you having problems with this it will only get more frustrating. Please consider purchasing Sandee Cohen's Visual Quick Start Guide. It is far and away the best beginner book on the market: http://amzn.to/14JHq54


                A subscription to Lynda.com will help as well. This link will get you a one week free trial: http://bit.ly/RS0GXs