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    Crashed when selecting 'New Project' while existing one still on screen

    mynameiswrb Level 1

      I started the program, selected 'Video Editor', then 'Existing Project', which presented 2 existing projects and 'Open'. I tried 2 different methods - first selected one of the existing projects, then after apparently crashing the software, chose 'Open' and selected a project. In either case, the first project loads... but then if I select 'File/New Project', the 'Add media' display opens skewed to/cut off on the left, and the software hangs with a Win8 'program not responding'. MUST I save the existing project before selecting New, or is it just profoundly molasses-in-ice slow, or has it really crashed? Getting hugely frustrated! (I even uninstalled/reinstalled thinking it had twisted itself in knots after successive perpetual downloading of 'menu title' episodes).

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If you have a project open and want to start a new one, you go to File Menu/New/Project.


          At that point, you are forced to make a saving decision Yes or No for the project that you are in?


          If you say Yes, note the name of the project. The old project is saved for use at another time. And, you can now open a new project.


          If you say No, there are two possiblities

          a. the complete project is gone if it has never been saved/closed before.


          b. if your project was one that was saved/closed before, you opened it to edit some more, and are now closing it with a "No" for the save, you will lose all the edits that you made while the project was open in this session, but the project will still be saved with the work that you completed before this session that you are saying No save to.


          Please think about the above.


          Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need clarification on anything that I have written. I will rewrite if necessary if I did not make my explanation clear enough.


          Looking forward to your progress.





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            mynameiswrb Level 1

            Having copleted the DVD burn, I tried what you suggested above: I selected Menu/ New Project. The software hung up with the left-skewed 'Add Media' box in the center of the screen. Obviously the skewing (which truncates the left-most text in the box indicates a serious problem). I let Win cancel the program, again. I then went back to the Welcome screen, selected Video Editor and Existing Project, and Open... saw a 'my new project' file that the crash seems to have saved... but was able to reload my DVD project. I'm out of test time today - but tomorrow I'll see if after loading it if the program actually responds!