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    Upgraded to CS6 can't open files


      I just upgraded to CS6 and when I go to open my InDesign files from my folders or from Bridge the program will open but not the file.  The only way I can open a file is if I oprn InDesign, go to File, then open.


      I have uninstalled, reinstalled.  I have checked the registery to make sure that was all CS6.


      I am running on Windows XP.


      Any ideas on what to do to fix???

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not sure about Bridge, but it might be a problem in Explorer that the open command is missing the file variable. In Explorer click Tools > Folder Options, then the File types tab. Scroll down to .indd, seelct it and click the Advanced button, then select the Open command and click the Edit button.


          Click in "Application used to perform action" field and press the End key on your keyboard. The command line should end in "%1" (including the quotes).