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    White point selection when profiling monitor

    TurgayOrhan Level 1

      When profiling monitor, many sources say that begin with the native white point of monitor and then compare different white points in order to find best working white point selection for your ambient conditions.


      There is an option in i1Display Pro and you can specify the target white point as the CCT of ambient lighting conditions.

      I decided to try this one ... and I calibrated my monitor exactly what the instructions said, but at the end I got completely unrelated achieved CCT as seen in the following image.

      I would like to learn the reason for such a unrelated finish.




      My second question: From the point of view of color theory, what do you think about specifying the target white point as the CCT of ambient lighting?


      And, my last question: I've got contrast ratios approximately 1:700 from my previous measurements, but now it said that it is 1:425 as seen in the image ... what do you think about such a great difference from a measurement to a measurement?


      Thanks a lot ...