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    Indesign cc book asks to save over old file


      I have an Indesign CC book file that was originally created in CS6 but has been converted. Everytime I close it, I'm asked if I would like to save over the old file. Why is it doing this?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Asking to save a Book when you close the panel is pretty normal, in my experience, but you may be **** things you aren't aware of.


          Opeing a book file in a new version does not create new copies of the component files and point to those (nor does making a copy of the .indb and component files). The book itself is just a clooection of pointers to the files it contains, and those are absolute paths, so if you open a file from a copy of a book you are opening the original file, not a new copy.


          The safe way to move a book to a new version of ID is to make copies of the inidvidual files, convert those, then create a brand new book file and add the files to it.