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    Advice for editing compressed formats


      Hello, I work for a court reporting company, and I use Premiere Pro CS6. I'm trying to get a sense of good practice when working with certain encoded formats. I understand it's not good to edit MPEG files or any other compressed format but we sometimes don't have a choice.


      First off, we get many DVD's from videographers that need to be either converted to a WMV or MPEG2, however with the software we send to our clients, we can only have a maximum size of a standard 4.7GB DVD. What I do now, is import the .vob's into premiere and combine them into one sequence and export it to a WMV, would this practice be considered optimal? Also, are there any settings within the WMV coder that I need to look out for? I mainly try and keep the original attributes of the source video (res, bit-rate, pixel aspect, etc.).


      Sometimes I don't need to do any edit's at all and simply need to rip from a DVD to a WMV, I imagine Premiere Pro is not ideal for this.


      Second, we also have WMV's from webcams that I need to make quick edits to or sometimes combine, I imagine Premiere Pro is not ideal for this either, but not sure what else to use.


      Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.