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    Voiceover capture sequence issue

    lx_cw Level 1

      I'm having trouble recording voiceover to one particular sequence.


      I'm able to record voiceover successfully to a brand new sequence, so I know that the microphone, the audio hardware settings, and my techniques are all working.


      I'm guessing that there is something with this particular sequence that is preventing me from recording to audio tracks. I'm able to arm the tracks for recording, and the audio inputs are showing response in levels, i.e. that the program is receiving a signal. But after arming, playing, speaking, and pausing -- the file does not show up on the timeline or in the project.


      It's like everything is working except for the actual capture of the audio.


      The voiceover tracks I'm trying to record to are mono. But deleting these tracks and/or trying to record on stereo tracks doesn't help -- the audio still isn't captured.


      I've restarted everything, and I've also moved the Media Cache, the location for audio files... not sure what else to do. I've also tried using the internal mic, but that didn't help either.