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    Why is a word being added to the end of my hyperlink URL causing it to fail?


      I am creating hyperlinks in Indesign CS 5. About half of my hyperlinks work when I export to a PDF. What is happening is that the word GRADUATE is being added to the end of some of my link URLs. This word appears in my footer which I created by making a master for all my pages. I do not highlight the word "GRADUATE" when I am creating the hyperlink. I am highlighting the URL only. I don't see this additional word to the URL in the hyperlink panel in indesign anywhere. It only appears when I export it to PDF and hover over the link to see the destination.


      I have tried pasting without formatting and typing the url directly into the hyperlink panel.


      Does anyone know what is going on?




      Ps- it looks like this

      http://www.csusm.edu/policies/active/documents/human_subjects_protection_in_research.htmlG RADUATE