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    Why can't I delete this audio clip or unlink it?

    gbrmk Level 1

      Please see uploaded screenshot.  The soundtrack here is a continuous clip of music but I have snipped it to coincided exactly with the video clip above, and I've also snipped the Audio 1 clip at the same place.  There's nothing above, ie all other tracks at this point are empty.  What I don't understand is why there's no rt-click at this point either for unlinking the audio/video on Tracks 1 (audio/video), nor for the Soundtrack beneath.  (In other places I've been able to unlink audio/video and indeed delete either audio or video from particular clips.)  What's different about this one?   I realise I may not have given enough info to provide an answer here.


      Apologies for my clumsy arrows -- they are meant to show how the different rt-click menus relate to the video and audio part of track 1 -- ie nowhere does the unlink or delete option appear on this occasion.   The snip goes through the video / audio tradk and the Soundtrack at the same point, fore and aft.


      Any help received gratefully!  Thanks